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The two ways for current customers to initiate a support request are listed below.  To speed the response, make sure to include the computer name (should be on a white label on the pc), the employee experiencing the issue, their contact phone number, and their email address.  Do not provide usernames or passwords.  Please provide as much detail as possible about the issue, including the program that was being used at the time, the specific error that was seen, what file (if any) was being accessed, the time and date that the issue occurred, etc.

Note: Never provide usernames, passwords, or  other personal information to anyone emailing you or calling you and claiming to be your I.T. support.  If in doubt, then hang up and call us back at our support number at 216-503-7080 to confirm that the call is legitimate.

Client Support Hotline
Client Support Email

Client Support Hotline


*Please use this option if you are seeking immediate assistance.

Client Support Email

Client Referral Bonus

For Existing Managed Services Clients:

We love working with you.  If you love working with us, then help us grow!  If you refer a new client who signs a managed services agreement, then we will discount your next month’s bill the total of the referred clients’ first month of managed services (pre-tax)  Thank you for your continued partnership with us!  We appreciate the work you do!

Client Support: Features
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